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Once upon a time there was REALITY.

—Louis Aragon, Le passage de l’Opéra from Le paysan de Paris

There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses.

—Louis Aragon

And when she’s alone again, as truly alone in the world as she’s always felt herself to be, she looks at herself in a bamboo-framed mirror. Beautiful face, aglow with the taste of carnal pleasure, disdainful and avid … and above all an indefinable look in which can be sensed unspecified danger, sensuality triumphant and a sort of intoxicating vulgarity. She likes what she sees … around her drifts a great brunette fragrance, scent of happy brunette, in which the idea of others dissolves.

—Louis Aragon, Le Con d’Irène, translation by Alexis Lykiard

Your heart is a charade that the whole world has guessed.

—Louis Aragon, Paris Peasant